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I just joined, cause I figured it'd be fun to know that there are other people out there who spend hours drooling over pictures of other people (real or imaginary) that they will (probably) never meet. But it seems like no one ever updates! Well, I will update for you, slackers.

Theory On The Levels of Obession! Yayyy! Okay. There are three basic levels of obsession in females. Males I have done no research into, because my brother's friends want money for it *teartear* *sobsob*. Anyway.

Level One: This is the fan girl stage. Note that the term "fan girl" is two seperate words. When it comes to things like movies, books, etc, classic symptoms are a basic knowledge of character names, plot themes, and a particular attachment to the movie/book/etc. When it comes to a person/band/etc, symptoms include limited or non-existant knowledge of the person's (persons') background(s), and a moderate knowledge of their current affaris

Level Two: What I call the fan-girl stage. Note that the term "fan-girl" is now one word, but "fan" and "girl" are seperated with a hyphen. Okay, for movies/etc, a more extensive knowledge of character backgrounds, a small collection of pictures, or other things that aren't like, the actual book or movie. For people/etc, moderate knowledge of the person's (persons') background(s), and an extensive knowledge of their current affairs.

Level Three: The "money impared fangirl" stage. Yes, a long title. These girls would have all the qualities of a true fangirl, but, alas, they have not the funds to supply themselves with all of the useless/amazing paraphanalia that they would like to have. This is definitely the stage that I'm in.

Level Four: Girls in this stage have transcended many of the boundaries of sanity. They collect excessive amounts of paraphenalia (big word!) such as the Muenudo craze of the 1980's, where some girls had buttons, clothes, posters, cds; bascially, anything the band's faces could be plastered onto. This ultimate level of obsession I have named the fangirl stage. Note that the term is now one complete, unhyphenated word.
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