Kelsey (fujin06) wrote in fangirl_riot,

I'm selling stuff for at a convention, if you guys want to lighten my load before I get there its fine with me...
If you're interested in buying something and would like to see a pic of it, tell me and I'll get you one..

Anime & Video games

Saiyuki: Journey to the west Vol 1 - (14$)
Loveless Vol 1- (14$)
Tokyo Babylon- (13$)
The dark Alchemist (PC Game) Shonen ai- 30$ (was originally 40$, played once)


Shonen Manga

Dragon ball Z color manga in japanese (from the movies) (I have all of them (except movie 13, bardock, and history of trunks)
Naruto: Volumes 1&2 (5$ each)
Trigun Volume 1 ($12) (On hold)
Eyeshield 21 Vol 4 (6$)

Shoujo manga

Wallflower Vol 3&4 (6$ each)
Forbidden dance (4$)
I.N.V.U (5$)
Duck prince Volume 1 (5$)
Love Hina (5$)
Snow drop Volumes 3,4,9 & 10 (6$ each)
Death at Deaths Door (4$)
Girl got game Volume #9 (6$)
Under the Glass Moon Vol 1 (6$)
D.N. Angel Volume 1 (6$)

Shonen Ai & yaoi

Demon Diary Vol 2&3 (5$ each)(on hold)
Fake Vol 1 (5$ )
Antique Bakery Volume 1 (7$) (on hold)
My only King (Yaoi) (7$)
Level C Volume 1(yaoi) (7$)
Skyscrapers of OZ (yaoi) (7$)


Love Prince- Prince of tennis anthology (10$)
Lovers doll- Prince of Tennis bordering on wether or not to call it Shouta) (14$)
Kakashi Hatake- Watasino Ueni Huru Yuki Ha (KakashixObito) (10$)
Naruto anthology- (15$)
Saiyuki- Gothic GojyoxSanzo (18.00)
Volcanic Drumbeats- Eyeshield 21 manga (HirumaxSena) ( 14$)
Fushigi Yugi (TasukixNuriko) (9$)
Fushigi Yugi (TasukixNuriko) (13$)
Bleach- Star gamer (crack) (25$) (Thick anthology)
HunterxHunter- Nocturne (10$)
FMA- Truth and love potion 5:55 PM (HavocxRoy) (17$)
One Piece- Atomcore brothers SanjixZoro (14$)
One piece- Princess of ball ZoroxSanji (really cute) (16$)
FFVIII- Laguna Liore- Zenki (crack) (8$)
Hyper Boys Magazine (Anthology- worn but really good) (15$)

Artbooks, Video game guides etc.

Kingdom hearts II guide (15$)
Xenosaga II game guide (in japanese) (15$)
One piece Animation logbook (japanese) (17$)
Slayers manga in color Volume 4 (Japanese) (8$)
Naruto artbook (17$)
Battle Royale Novel (12$) (on hold)
Final Fantasy X watch (needs batteries) (12$)
Japanese movie The Returner with takeshi kaneshiro- (12$)


Dacco CD (signed by yura inside the cover & on the CD itself) (listened to once) 25$
Isabelle CD (signed by seek) (15$) (Brand New)
Its Raining (Rain dvd&CD) Korean (20$)
Dir en Grey withering to death CD+DVD) (16$) (on hold)
T.M. Revolution Summer crush 2002- (20$)
Jay (chinese) CD (10$)
Getbackers Original sound track (14$)
Fushigi Yugi Original soundtrack- Song collection (14$)
Takashi Sorimachi- One single CD (6$)
Shazna- Love is Alive single CD (6$)
Shazna- Gold Sun and Silver Moon (17$)
Oresama (Miyavis movie) VCD no subtitles -10$

Jrock magazines

Shoxx 2004 Vol. 132 (9$)
Arena 37 c (8$)
Cure Vol. 34 (10$)

Btw, yaoi is a term for malexmale relationships in anime

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